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About Saics

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Saics is an easy to follow Weight Loss Plan….

There is no need to be overweight and unhappy, make the choice to free yourself of those extra kilograms!

Why Saics?

31 Years of Research

31 Years of Research

After years of research, Dr Roberts formulated groundbreaking weight loss and clinical care solutions. Now more than 31 years later we have taken Dr Roberts legacy and refined our range to produced one of South Africas leading brands

100% Natural

100% Natural

All of our products have been  tested and refined over the last 31 years using only the best natural ingredients to bring you a product that is both aggressive and healthy

Safe to Use

Safe to Use

All SAiCS products are 100% safe to use. Whether you have high blood pressure, breastfeeding or on scheduled medication, SAiCS products will ensure a healthy lifestyle for all

Products that Work

Products that Work

All our products and diet plans have been clinically tested and improved over the years to ensure the best possible results for weight loss

About Justine

Hi, My name is Justine and I am a typical SA mom, wife and women with dreams to help others get healthy and stay that way!  I believe that a persons health starts with their weight.  We all know that it is unhealthy to be overweight, I make it my mission to help women all over South Africa reach their goal weight.  
A person’s life can honestly change in ways that will not only boost their self esteem, but also give them the drive to carry on losing the unwanted weight until they have reached their ideal weight.  

I have seen endless women, children and men turn their lives around by remaining disciplined, focused and determined.  Saics is 100% natural and such an amazing product, it’s eating plans don’t break the bank and a person has no need to starve, the plan is easy to follow and a person can lose up to 2kg a week!


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Only R120 Countrywide

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A happy life is a healthy life, it’s all about eating well to live well…

Life offers us so many choices, make the right one and shed those extra kilograms!


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